Former Interior Minister denounces world-wide manipulation using covid 19 fake science and fake news

EDITORIAL: Watch and hear Austria’s former Interior Minister Herbert Kickl in this video denounce fear-based manipulation employing fake science and fake news catastrophe forecasts from government and mainstream media.  [See video at the end of this Editorial].

On April 22, 2020, before the Austrian government, former Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl openly denounces the fear-based manipulation, helped by the media, to establish strict mass public confinement, presented as the only way to avoid Corona-virus mass death. However Sweden, judged irresponsible for not having applied lock-down, had neither mass death, nor destruction of its economy, nor restriction of its citizens’ freedoms. Despite this, the discourse of fear continues and we do not talk about these alternatives, why?

Covid 19 has been employed to open a mass hysteria health fear doorway to The New Dark Age.  The vast majority have entered like sheep. The rest have been forced to under emergency laws demanding their lock-down and fear of denunciations by neighbours on non-compliance.

People need to understand the danger this development represents to fundamental hard won freedoms and to take political action widely to get it reversed. People need to denounce any cowardly elected officials and political representatives who have caused this situation and allowed it to continue.

This New Dark Age is only possible because most mainstream media not merely do not do their job as the “Fourth Estate” check-and-balance on political abuses but they report unquestioningly the news governments release, which is far too often fake.

In the case of Covid 19 the fake science behind the scare was used to crank up a world-wide lockdown.

If you want to know the facts and science about Covid 19 and discover how misled the world is see:  Covid 19 Get The Truth and The Real Science – Independent Swiss Research Group  CHS .

The fake science is only now being denounced in some parts of the media after one politically Conservative newspaper released the news not that it is fake but because of what appears to be lock-down sexual promiscuity by the key scientist, now dubbed in some parts of the media as “Professor Lock-down” and “Professor Trousers-Down“.

The UK’s Telegraph newspaper reported that a scientist and UK Government SAGE advisor was breaking the lock-down [based on his fake science] to meet his married lover at his home:  Exclusive: Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover The Telegraph 5th May 2020.  [It is reported elsewhere that social distancing may not have been observed during these trysts.]

Only once that news was broken was criticism of the fake science reported in the mainstream media more openly, but again in The Telegraph: with claims it is amateur created using software written in “Pac-Man era” programming:  Despite the Ferguson fiasco, No 10 is about to make its second major blunder Sherelle Jacobs, Telegraph Columnist, 7th May 2020.



Vaccination and healthcare are political issues. There is continuing and increasing censorship of vaccine aware sites like CHS publishing information which is challenging corrupt practices and the political status quo in government and healthcare.

You may already have seen what is happening. Google no longer including sites in searches for example and other practices.

You and your vaccine aware friends can help and make a difference.

Get the information to others.


  • reblogging CHS posts
  • using social media
  • posting links to CHS posts
  • circulating links to CHS posts to your family, friends and acquaintances
  • and any other lawful and proper means you can use

Be “Vaccine Aware” – Are you “Vaccine Aware” but did not realise?

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