Be “Vaccine Aware” – Are you “Vaccine Aware” but did not realise?

If you are reading this you are more likely than not already “Vaccine Aware“.  These are people who have learned the science about the risks vaccines pose to health outweighing the claimed benefits. Vaccine awareness is a political and philosophical position based on knowledge and science of the risks vaccines pose to you and your children.

There is much published about how educated people tend to avoid vaccines for themselves and their children.


It is because they are the “Vaccine Aware“.  People with college degrees and many medical professionals try to avoid vaccines if they can.

Clearly, intelligent educated people are vaccine aware. If you are vaccine aware you are more likely to be smart.

The Vaccine Aware can stand together knowing they have sought out the science and information they need to protect themselves and their children from a corrupted health industry and governments.

The more the Vaccine Aware are attacked by the mainstream in politics, media and the swathes of trolls infecting social media the more the mainstream loses credibility.  So stand with the science and the intelligent educated vaccine aware.

If you want to become more Vaccine Aware visit CHS’ extensive library of nearly 400 articles and information with links to many original sources:

CHS Library






Vaccination and healthcare are political issues. There is continuing and increasing censorship of vaccine aware sites like CHS publishing information which is challenging corrupt practices and the political status quo in government and healthcare.

You may already have seen what is happening. Google no longer including sites in searches for example and other practices.

You and your vaccine aware friends can help and make a difference.

Get the information to others.


  • reblogging CHS posts
  • using social media
  • posting links to CHS posts
  • circulating links to CHS posts to your family, friends and acquaintances
  • and any other lawful and proper means you can use

Be “Vaccine Aware” – Are you “Vaccine Aware” but did not realise?

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