MERS Kills 1 in 3 Clinical Cases – No Vaccine – Not A Global Emergency – Polio + Vaccine + Just 68 Cases Worldwide IS Declared Global Emergency

Will an emergency for this slowly spreading new disease of unknown origin which kills one in three cases be declared to coincide with when there is a vaccine or other drug treatment announced?  Will the world then be panicked to promote the drug by promoting the disease? We are all about to find out as a potential vaccine was announced just two days ago in a Business journal [well how else are you going to get your share price up]: How Novavax created a vaccine candidate to fight MERS, May 7, 2014 Tina Reed Staff Reporter – Washington Business Journal.

In comparison, for polio for which a vaccine is promoted and with just 68 cases worldwide WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) as reported in New Scientist: Global emergency declared as polio cases surge 14:30 05 May 2014 by Debora MacKenzie New Scientist.

And CHS has already commented Why Is Polio With 68 Cases Worldwide This Year A “Global Emergency” But Autism Not With 1 in 25 Families Affected?

Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome have been increasing slowly over the past two years and have now reached the USA but there has been no emergency.  That would in other circumstances be commendable as in a world population of approximately 7 billion souls 262 people in 12 countries have been confirmed to have MERS infections and reported to the world health organization, over about the past two years. Ninety-three of these people have died. 

The problem with this picture is simple.  There is no vaccine and no treatment. So nothing for WHO to push on behalf of the drug industry.  The restraint by WHO is also not commendable because WHO is very likely only now behaving responsibly because it has been caught crying “wolf” too often, with examples like SARS, bird and then swine flu and now few will believe its pronouncements on disease.

The US Centers for Disease Control [CDC], is an abject failure in addressing a serious disease in children caused by the multiplicity of vaccines the CDC pushes on US families and their infant children: Centers for Disease Control Failure on Autism To Cost Americans US$3.84 Trillion & Using Your Tax Dollars To Do It.

The US CDC exaggerates disease figures out of all proportion when there is a drug to push and presents false information and hires wanted criminals like Poul Thorsen [who is still on the run from other US authorities] to procure questionable medical research in its efforts: Congressman “CDC Should Be Investigated” – US Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Safety Corruption Compared to Bernie Madoff.

Well, surprise everbody!!!  The Homer Simpson of disease control, is now [as of May 2] getting interested in MERS.

The CDC has announced what is claimed to be the first case of MERS to reach the USA but who knows if that is truly only the first case or is it the first case anyone has taken notice of before in the USA: CDC announces first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection (MERS) in the United States – May 2, 2014 and CDC Transcript: MERS in the United States – May 2, 2014.  Well we all know how the CDC likes to make it appear disease is everywhere and how they are there to take care of it so they keep getting their US$11+ billion annual budget approved out of the pockets of tax dollar paying Americans.  What? …. So? …… Well they do have mortgages to pay, didn’t you know?

The CDC was officially castigated by the US Senate in an official report CDC Off Centeras an agency which “cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease“  but which was managing to spend US$11 billion in US tax dollars every year not doing what even its name says it is supposed to – Center for Disease Control.