More US CDC Research Fraud – Publishing False Figures to Promote A Pointless Vaccine to The US and Third World

The video below shows with references to peer reviewed citations in journal papers that the US Centers for Disease Control medical scientists engage in using peer reviewed journal publications, in this case Health Economics, to promote Hep B vaccine on false and made up figures.  Hepatitis B vaccine is given to every US baby immediately following birth when the disease risk is predominantly to intravenous drug abusers and practitioners of unsafe sex and not babies.  Hepatitis B vaccine has a reputation as a particularly toxic vaccine: UK Government Caught Lying On Baby Hep B Vax Safety.

This 7 minute video contains citations to peer reviewed journal publications showing the CDC falsifying disease data to promote the Hep B vaccine by claiming 250,000 hepatitis cancer deaths in India and published this in a journal paper. The paper claims a death rate at 5000% of the true figure such that the vaccine is being promoted on a completely false basis which cannot be justified on the basis of the true figures.

The findings which show this further US CDC research fraud were published in the Lancet medical journal. The CDC could not justify the figures but the CDC paper has not been retracted by the publishing journal: Health Economics.  The correspondence with the journal can be found here: Letter to the Editor Policy analysis of the   use of Hepatitis B, Hemophilus  influenzae type B, Streptococcus pneumoniae-conjugate  and Rotavirus vaccines   in   the   National   Immunization Schedules. HEALTH ECONOMICS Health Econ. 13: 1147–1148 (2004).

The correspondence and response of the US CDC author can be read here.