US Bill [Albany, NY] To Allow US 4 Year Olds To Opt Into Anti-Sexually Transmitted Disease Vaccines – Blocked Temporarily

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Amy Paulin’s bill A497a in Albany NY appears temporarily blocked according to The Autism Action Network. New Yorkers contacted their representatives yesterday to complain, suggesting that perhaps letting four-year olds decide that they want to get vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without their parents’ consent is not a good idea.

The result was that Amy Paulin’s bill A497a was pulled from the agenda of the Health Committee meeting. That doesn’t mean this bill is dead. Another pending bill requires meningitis shots for all seventh graders and new college students. Another bill that will change the law so that healthcare professionals can add New York adults’ vaccine records to the statewide database of vaccine records with only “oral” approval, rather than the current written approval. This may likely result in all records ending up in the database because there will be no mechanism to prevent that from happening.

The temporarily blocked STD vaccine bill is based on the bizarre notion that a child of any age is competent to make a rational decision about whether to get a vaccine, but a parent cannot. Parents can only opt out of vaccines in New York for religious reasons, not reasons of safety or efficacy.

This bill is a backdoor way to increase sales of Gardasil and Cervarix, the HPV vaccines. And more importantly to begin the destruction of parents rights’ to make vaccine choices for our children. When Gardasil was first rolled out on the market a very aggressive and well-funded effort was made to make this new and poorly-tested vaccine mandatory to attend school in every state. Fortunately, this unprecedented effort failed in every state. But Paulin keeps trying.

According to the federal Vaccine Event Reporting System there have been 34,700 reported incidents with HPV vaccines including 165 deaths, 11,562 emergency room visits, 3614 hospitalizations, and 1129 permanent disabilities. And according to former head of the FDA Dr. David Kessler these injuries are probably less than 10% of the actual number. The safety record for HPV vaccines is so dismal that Japan no longer recommends it for their citizens.

A recent poll by the National Consumer’s League and Harris Interactive showed that 76% of all parents think they should have the final say on what vaccines their children receive. Only 1% believe state government should have the final say. It is absurd to assume that a child of any age knows enough about their own medical history and the medical history of their family to provide informed consent. They must know if they had earlier adverse reactions to vaccines given to them as infants, and they need to know whether they have allergies or sensitivities to vaccine ingredients. And they need to know whether there is a family medical history that would contra-indicate a shot.

A person giving the shot, who may have a financial incentive to do so, is allowed to use whatever reasons they want to determine if a minor is capable of giving consent.

This bill also provides protection to pedophiles by subverting New York’s law that requires licensed professionals to report suspected sexual abuse of children. What rational person would not suspect something was very wrong if a nine year old requested an injection that purports to prevent a sexually-transmitted disease.

There is nothing in the law that prevents children from consenting to experimental vaccines.

There are more than 200 school-based clinics in the state of NY that could give a child vaccine without a parent’s knowledge.

And the US thinks other countries have problems with Human Rights!!!!  Look in the mirror.


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  1. Reblogged this on The PPJ Gazette and commented:
    Thank you for tracking this issue.

  2. This whole issue is bizarre. Who in their right mind would even think this is a good idea?
    “..based on the bizarre notion that a child of any age is competent to make a rational decision about whether to get a vaccine, but a parent cannot.”
    Classic 🙂
    Thanks for putting this in the spotlight.

  3. Thank you for pointing out that the problem is Assemblywoman Paulin. I sure do hope she never advances to Senate. Some of our Assembly persons are in a league of their own and not in a good way.

  4. Reblogged this on EbolaInfo2014 and commented:
    You have to wonder about a person that would entertain the idea of allowing a 4 year old to consent to a medical intervention without parental consent. Would these same individuals accept this 4 year old voting, driving, drinking alcohol, smoking, having sex?

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