US Federal Court, US Justice Dept & The Sunday Times – More Questions Than Answers

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The day before the US Federal Court was to give its judgements throwing out lead cases of MMR vaccine damage in 4500 claims by US  children and their families, The Sunday Times London freelance journalist implicated questionably in stories to discredit research underlying the children’s claims was in the US giving a lecture Lessons learned from the MMR Vaccinein a US children’s hospital.  The timing of the lecture in association with the American Medical Association is unusual. The US Department of Justice was also sending out just before the decision a now shown-to-be-falsely-headlined article in The Sunday Times of London by the same journalist Brian Deer, attacking the basis for the US children’s claims and published the Sunday before the Court decisions: Sunday Times Journalist Made Up Wakefield MMR Data Fixing Allegation 11 Feb 09 and Sunday Times – Sinks To New Low With Yet More MMR Junk Journalism 8 Feb 09].

These events are closely similar to the UK in 2004. No other journalist has been writing the same kinds of stories. The same journalist published similar articles again in The Sunday Times London unusually substantially based on the journalist’s own unqualified medical opinions and just before a crucial English Court decision throwing out UK children’s claims for the same injuries.  It was later discovered the Judge in the UK case was the brother of a director of MMR vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline: British Government & Establishment’s Efforts to Deny Compensation to MMR Vaccine Child Victims

The Sunday Times’ journalist was also last week revealed to be complainant in the exhaustive marathon UK General Medical Council legal hearings into the research of Dr Andrew Wakefield into the conditions of the injured children in the US and  in the UK: Sunday Times Journalist Challenged Over Role in US MMR Cases – 

The activities of The Sunday Times London freelancer Brian Deer have since attracted the attention of NBC TV’s Keith Olberman on the TV programme Countdown,  of The Huffington Post David Kirby and the UK’s respected heavyweight political commentator Melanie Phillips, in The Spectator, London:-

The witch-hunt against Andrew Wakefield Melanie Phillips, The Spectator – 11 Feb 2009

Keith Olbermann — Today’s Best “Worst Person in the World”Huffington Post -Feb 11, 2009 – David Kirby [author of best seller”Evidence of Harm and New York Times freelance journalist]

A deer in the headlights Melanie Phillips,  The Spectator 16/Feb/09

One effect of Deer’s reporting since 2004 to discredit Dr Wakefield’s work internationally is that research into the children’s conditions has been severely hampered and with a deterrent  effect on other experts coming forward as witnesses, thereby damaging the prospects of success for US children’s claims in the Federal Court.

The activities of The Sunday Times’ journalist now on both sides of the Atlantic devoted to discrediting the few researchers looking into the link between the MMR vaccine, autism and serious bowel disorders in autistic children have been exposed here on ChildHealthSafety: Sunday Times Journalist Challenged Over Role in US MMR Cases.

The timing of recent events may be coincidental. Could anyone know it was an appropriate time for such a lecture, which must have been organised in advance? Why also, if it did, did the US Federal Court bring forward the date of its long delayed decisions in the cases seemingly on relatively short notice: Vaccine Court To Weigh In On Thursday – David Kirby February 11, 2009.  And if the children’s cases were so without merit and the evidence so overwhelming why did the Court take so long to issue its decisions, only to seemingly bring them forward to such a time.

The DoJ is representing the Defendant US Department of Health and Human Services in the US Federal Court. The US Federal Court has previously upheld claims that US children’s autism was caused by vaccines: AUTISM – US Court Decisions and Other Recent Developments – It’s Not Just MMR

The lecture in a US children’s hospital was given on 11th February by the Sunday Times journalist accompanied by The Editor in Chief of The Journal of the American Medical Association Catherine DeAngelis in the CS Mott Children’s Hospital:


Vaccine Risks Outweigh Risk of Disease

Autism – A serious problem being ignored

19 Children A Day – 4 in 5 is a Boy

Autism in Britian outstrips all other major disorders affecting British children combined and is substantially more serious than measles.  Every day 19 British children develop autism spectrum disorders:

  • this will be 600,000 British children and adults in the future (birth rate approx 600,000 p.a.)
  • and horrific prospects for expectant parents
    • 1 in every 54 boys will be on the Autistic Spectrum
    • autism affects 4 times as many boys
    • so 1 in 215 girls are affected as well

[* 19 a day and 1 in 54 come from: Baird et Al Prevalence of disorders of the autism spectrum in a population cohort of children in South Thames: the Special Needs and Autism Project (SNAP); Lancet 2006;368:210 –15.  This research revealed 1 in 86 British children are being diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders (116.1 in 10,000).

4/5   x   116.1/5000 =  1 in 54 (4/5ths of the 116.1 are boys and approx 5000 of the 10,000 children affected will be boys)]

Measles Comparison

See here how the risk to children in Western economies from measles is now insignificant for the vast majority Measles – The Official UK Statistics.

For the USA see US Measles Data and generally see Risk to Children & Government Scaremongering.