UK’s GMC, Dr Jayne Donegan’s Story, Vaccines & MMR

Junk Science? Junk Justice? Or Corruption In Medicine?

Here is the shocking story of how Dr Jayne Donegan was victimised by but won against the UK  General Medical Council and members of the UKs Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and all for giving accurate and truthful evidence in Court about vaccines and their hazards:-

Read Dr Donegan’s own account “My Experience with the General Medical Council

  • how some members of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation are so zealotic and unethical they are prepared to:
    • give inappropriate and misleading evidence on vaccines to the English Court;
    • this was just to ensure two little girls were vaccinated against the children’s and mothers wishes; and,
    • when that was not in the children’s best interests;
  • how the GMC prosecutor’s expert witness, Dr David Elliman, was prepared to twist the facts and give inappropriate and misleading evidence against Dr Donegan.  Dr Elliman:-
    • is a consultant paediatrician of Great Ormond St Childrens’ Hospital London, lifelong vaccination proponent, and sometime UK HPA spokesman on vaccination issues;
    • admitted under cross-examination that his expert evidence against Dr Donegan was “quibbling”;
    • spent 5 months preparing his expert evidence submitted to the General Medical Council hearing for the purpose of getting an honest doctor, Dr Donegan, struck off the medical register, when she had acted properly and appropriately at all times;
    • is the pediatric consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital leading the clinical team responsible for Children’s Services and for the care of “Baby P” [Peter Connelly,]  born March 2006 and who was killed on 3rd August 2007, by his mother’s boyfriend.  Baby P was abused between November 2006 and August 3 2007.   Baby P died 4 days before the GMC hearing in which Elliman was to be the expert witness against Dr Donegan was to commence;
    • considered that concerns of Consultants in his unit over potential risks to patients and thus patient safety, through issues of increased waiting times, through excessive workload, lack of follow-up appointments and the unavailability of notes did not affect patient safety. The official NHS London report into the matter concludes simply “that is a conclusion with which we would not agree”: Report on an investigation into allegations made by Dr Kim Holt, Consultant Community Paediatrician David Widdowson Nadia Persaud Bevan Brittan LLP December 2009.
  • how Dr Donegan was wholly exonerated in intensive three week legal proceeding before the UK’s General Medical Council
  • how Dr Donegan’s evidence was proven validly based on sound medical and scientific literature after detailed consideration of eight technical expert reports and nearly 400 technical and medical papers and references


Here are the Transcripts of the hearings:-

Day 1.pdf,         Day 2.pdf,        Day 3.pdf,        Day 4.pdf,       Day 5.pdf,

Day 6.pdf,         Day 7.pdf,        Day 8.pdf,        Day 9.pdf,       Day 10.pdf,

Day 11.pdf,       Day 12.pdf,      Day 13.pdf

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UK’s GMC, Dr Jayne Donegan’s Story, Vaccines & MMR

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