UPDATE MEASLES UK 2013 – BBC News Secretly Removes Fake News Claims from Website – Health Officials in Tail-Spin Over Vastly Hyped Claims of Welsh Measles Epidemic

How times change. A month ago health officials were predicting a UK-wide measles epidemic with multiple measles deaths and disabilities, with everyone not previously vaccinated to get the MMR vaccine.  Welsh Health officials were first caught out when the British media discovered that the figures being given out to them were of only suspected cases […]

2013 MEASLES NEWS: The UK’s Fake Welsh Measles Epidemic – Only 8 Cases Confirmed For March – 302 Wrongly Diagnosed and “Notified” By Docs

[ED: CHECK OUT UPDATE MEASLES UK 2013 – Health Officials in Tail-Spin Over Vastly Hyped Claims of Welsh Measles Epidemic – BBC Removes False Claims from Website – ADDED 12 May 2013 @ 0400 UTC/00:00 EST/05:00 GMT] [ED: CHECK OUT COMMENTS AT END FOR LATEST FIGURES FOR APRIL AND DISCUSSION – ADDED 4 May 2013 @ […]

Officials Covered Up “Massive” UK Measles Outbreak in Highly MMR Vaccinated Children & Adults – Officials Withheld The Evidence – Parents Not Warned – Children Unprotected – BBC Directly Implicated

In 2012 and 2013 outbreaks of measles occurred in large numbers of children and adults in areas of highly vaccinated populations in the North of England.   The North of England outbreaks involved the same MMR vaccine in use in the USA, Merck’s MMR II.  Instead of warning parents in the North that their children were […]

Mayo Clinic Expert Confirms Measles Vaccine Is Failing – So it’s NOT the unvaccinated

An article in Canada’s Financial Post quotes extensively from the Mayo Clinic’s vaccine heavyweight Professor Gregory A Poland about the failure of the measles vaccine: Lawrence Solomon: Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks May 1, 2014 Financial Post What Poland does say is extraordinary.  And as CHS has recently reported about vaccine failures, it is not the […]

Vaccines Are Causing Measles. Child Who Caught Measles From Vaccine Was Shedding Live Vaccine Measles Virus In Throat and Urine

When health officials in the press criticise parents who do not vaccinate, and some on blogs attack you personally for raising justified concerns about vaccines, you can tell them the evidence is clear, and you can read it here, the vaccinated are more likely to kill a child because they are vaccinated.  So when someone […]

Governments Fake Flu and Measles Death Estimates

How could the UK have an official ‘flu deaths “estimate” which is 360 times higher than actual deaths?  You know how it is when you hear we are all going to die horribly according to government or World Health Organisation “estimates” of a disease never previously considered a major public health problem?  Well nowadays when […]

NSNBC Full Report – More than 50% of those Diagnosed with Measles in Pakistan had been Vaccinated

Sat, May 25th, 2013 By Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) Islamabad city hospital continues receiving children suffering from measles. Authorities inform that all necessary precautions have been taken. More than 50% of the children brought to the hospital are children who previously have been vaccinated. The Pakistani figures corroborate recently released British documentation for a 30-year long […]

Measles Vaccine Continues to Fail Worldwide – Over Half of Hospitalised Measles Cases Were Vaccinated – Reports Pakistan Express Tribune

Clearly, the time is long overdue in Century 21 for effective treatments to be developed for basic childhood diseases: more than 50 per cent of the children brought to the hospital were those who had already been vaccinated against measles” Dr Tabish Hazir Head of Pediatrics, Pims, Pakistan Measles outbreak: City hospitals continue to receive […]

Extent of UK Measles Scam Unfolds – Welsh Health Officials Issued False Reports To UK Media of “Confirmed” Measles Cases Which Did Not Exist

We stated on May 3 about the UK scam claims by health officials of numbers of measles cases: .. if the figures for April are wildly different, you will know for sure someone is not telling it as it is.” We were 100% right.  See links below to CHS’ recent articles. Public Health Wales’ [PHW] […]

WELSH MEASLES LATEST – 50 Dalmations, Zoo Snow Leopard & Gerbil Hospitalised As Welsh Docs Take No Chances

Internationally fears of travelling to the UK have caused the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Taipei, China to issue warnings to citizens planning to travel to be on the alert in the face of a measles outbreak:  MOFA warns visitors to UK of measles outbreak The China Post May 5, 2013. CHS also previously reported the official numbers […]

South Wales Measles Death – Mother Blames Docs – “3 Docs Said ‘Not Measles’ & Sent Him Home With Water & Paracetamol”

The death of a 25 year old South Wales man who had measles when he died had not been attributed to measles by doctors.  He was sent home with water and paracetamol after three doctors said he did not have measles.  A postmortem [autopsy] is due to be held later this week to establish the […]

Official Data Confirms – 20th Century Measles Deaths Would Fall Exponentially – And Regardless of Measles Or MMR Vaccine

A peer reviewed medical paper cited in the CHS article Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics confirms that “Measles mortality rates were inversely related to median family income”: Englehandt SF, Halsey NA, Eddins DL, Hinman AR. Measles mortality in the United States 1971-1975. Am J Public Health 1980;70:1166–1169. In simple terms […]

First UK Measles Death Suspected In South Wales – Who Is Responsible?

EDITORIAL: Having blamed Dr Andrew Wakefield for the current measles outbreak, the media and health officials telegraphed their intention last Sunday to blame him for the first UK death from measles for some years eg. First death feared in MMR scare The Sunday Times By Mark Hookham 14 April 2013. And now today just a […]

“Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”

On 1st November 1966 US Government vaccine experts announced momentously to the world in a paper presented to the American Public Health Associations meeting in San Francisco, November 1,1966 that measles was to be eradicated in 1967 and just 55% vaccine coverage would do the trick.  You can read it for yourself here in this […]

Dr Andrew Wakefield Answers UK Government Allegations Over UK Measles Outbreak

Dr Andrew Wakefield having been attacked by members of the British Government and Health Officials with claims he is responsible for a measles outbreak in a region of the United Kingdom has been denied media access preventing him being heard and replying to redress the Government Health Officials’ claims. It is a fight he did […]

British Medical Journal Tells Us – Measles Is Not The Scary Disease The Press Want You To Think It Is

Magda Taylor of The Informed Parent has been attempting to reintroduce some sense into the mindless panic of the UK media about a small number of measles cases in a small part of Wales in the UK.  Magda has picked some extracts from back copies of The British Medical Journal of the times when measles […]

Dr Andrew Wakefield Not Cause of Welsh Measles Outbreak – Confirms UK Government Minister In Parliament

It looks like British Health Minister Earl Howe has put egg over the faces of the British media regarding their claims that Dr Andrew Wakefield is to blame for recent UK outbreaks of measles. But they do not know it yet. In one small area of one small region of the UK there have recently […]

England Has 250,000 More Autistics in 15 years – 1 in 21 English Schoolboys is Now Autistic Official Education Department Government Statistics Indicate

CLICK ON CHART TO MAKE IT BIGGER TO READ Official UK statistics indicate 1 in 21 English schoolboys is now autistic.  Worse still when school leavers are included, in just 15 years the total number of new autistic school children and young adult school leavers is 258,000 according to CHS’ estimates from the official figures. […]

First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers – By Bretigne Shaffer – lewrockwell.com

This is a must-read in-depth article with good citations you may want to note which looks well-researched.  It is also from an influential right-of-centre US website with regular contributions by some leading individuals in the USA:  LewRockwell.com ANTI-STATE•ANTI-WAR•PRO-MARKET First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers By Bretigne Shaffer – April 23, 2015 Earlier this year I […]

Official Investigation As 13 Die Following Flu Vaccine – Italy

Italy Investigates Novartis Flu Vaccine After 13 Deaths are Reported Ed Silverman – Pharmalot – Wall Street Journal – 1st Dec 2014 Italy has suspended the use of two batches of the Fluad flu vaccine made by Novartis after 13 people died shortly after the treatment was administered. ……….. The episode occurs shortly before Novartis […]