More Evidence Hepatitis B Vaccines Cause Multiple Sclerosis [amongst other serious conditions]

The article below appears on PubMed Commons.  It adds to the existing evidence that Hepatitis B vaccines cause multiple sclerosis.  However, first please note these existing CHS articles on this topic: US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Baby’s family awarded damages after Court rules 6-in-1 Hepatitis B containing vaccine caused her death Court […]

Usefulness of Hepatitis B Vaccine Questioned – the vaccination did not reduce hepatitis B carrier rate – defeating the primary aim of the immunization programme

An Editorial in Indian Pediatrics the journal of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics has again raised doubts about the usefulness of Hepatitis-B vaccination in India.  The full article can be downloaded here: Utility of Hepatitis B Vaccination in India Pediatrician’s Perspective Results of the pilot study launched in Andhra Pradesh to evaluate the usefulness of […]

Baby’s family awarded damages after Court rules 6-in-1 Hepatitis B containing vaccine caused her death

Baby’s family awarded damages after hexavalent vaccine ruled cause of her death – From July 7, 2013 by Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti – Health News. And despite the serious historic problems with Hepatitis B containing vaccines the UK’s JCVI [Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation] seems to be still planning on introducing GSKs Infanrix Hexa in […]

Court Fines Doctor Who Did Not Tell Patient Hepatitis B Vaccine Causes Multiple Sclerosis

A French Court has fined a doctor 3000 Euros for failing to inform a patient of all side effects of a vaccination.  This included the risk of multiple sclerosis from the Hepatitis B vaccine. This is an important decision which reinforces in law the doctor’s obligation to obtain informed consent from a patient. The full […]

More US CDC Research Fraud – Publishing False Figures to Promote A Pointless Vaccine to The US and Third World

The video below shows with references to peer reviewed citations in journal papers that the US Centers for Disease Control medical scientists engage in using peer reviewed journal publications, in this case Health Economics, to promote Hep B vaccine on false and made up figures.  Hepatitis B vaccine is given to every US baby immediately […]

W.H.O. Ensures Third World Child Vaccine Deaths Will Not Be Recorded – New Weakened W.H.O. Criteria For Third World Child Deaths From Vaccines

Link to this article: Child deaths from vaccines in developing countries will be falsely recorded as not caused by the vaccine under a new W.H.O. watered down scheme for assessing “Adverse Events Following Immunisation” [AEFIs]. A child death from a vaccine will be recorded as ‘Not an AEFI’: Deaths in developing countries will count […]

‘Good’ 5-in-1 vaccine kills 5 times more kids than anything else – “The unfortunate story of 37 deaths from a ‘good vaccine'”

CHS’ ED’S NOTE:  Infant deaths in India associated with this 5-in-1 vaccine [DPT, hepatitis B, H influenza b] are five times greater than the all-cause mortality rate. Unlike the American Academy of Pediatricians, the British Medical Association and others like them who defend vaccines in general come what may against protestations of their customers – […]

LATEST: Far East Killer Vaccine – 100k+ Deaths Diverting $ From Clean Water Programmes

The proposal to vaccinate 25 million babies in India annually may prevent 175 deaths from Hib meningitis in 5 years.  The lives of 175 children are important.  In resource impoverished areas, money spent on vaccinating 25 million babies could be spent on programmes for providing safe water.  These programmes will save many hundreds of thousand […]

Another Lethal Vaccine Coming Soon To Your Baby – Pushed by Drug Industry – As Vietnam Suspends Five-in-One DTP, Hib & Hep B Vaccine Following 9 Deaths – But 32 Deaths Also In India, Pakistan, Bhutan & Sri Lanka

The latest news indicates this is not just a rogue batch or vaccine from one manufacturer but a problem with the vaccination as such. So very bad news for babies and their parents in the UK. Worse of course for countries having mandatory Hepatitis B vaccination programmes. Whilst introduction into the UK of a new […]

Beyond Conformity – Useful Vaccine Information

Don’t be fooled by Government health officials’ and their propaganda or by dodgy medical information courtesy of well-publicised-to-be crooked medical journal publishing from one too many crooked mainstream medical journals and some of their authors. If you want bottom line analysis and well-referenced and well-sourced information, including from official data and from formally published research […]

New Website & Reference Source On Autism, Shaken Baby Syndrome, SIDS etc – Publications of Dr F E Yazbak

We list here the current list of publications found on a new website which houses the publications of Dr F E Yazbak MD. These articles provide insightful informed expert medical analyses and assessments of medical and other evidence and cover issues such as autism, shaken baby syndrome, SIDS and other related matters. The site has specifically […]

Secret EU Government Report – Wide Range of Child Vaccine Deaths & Injuries – From Just One Six-In-One Vaccine

The Belgian organisation Initiative Citoyenne [IC] has published in the public interest a secret vaccine manufacturer’s 1271 page report to an EU government drug safety licensing agency. The report sets out a wide range of multiple numerous wide-ranging vaccine adverse reactions, including deaths and injuries to children from side effects identified at European level and […]

Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism – III: English Translation Of Court Decision

STOP PRESS: The Italian Court Decision is not a “one-off”.  People have forgotten – We have been here before. Just posted 28/May/12 – Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism – IV: – BUT – So Has The USA – Some Autism History Original CHS article now continues: We present here a professional medical translation […]

Autism Caused by MMR Vaccine – Italian Government Tries To Avoid Paying Up – Just Like the UK

STOP PRESS 23 May 2012: Full English Translation of Italian Court Decision Found on CHS here: Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism – III: English Translation Of Court Decision ORIGINAL CHS ARTICLE NOW CONTINUES: It appears not only did an Italian Court rule in a case in which an Italian child’s autism was caused […]

New US Report MMR Vaccine Causes Serious Conditions – Says US Institute of Medicine – Measles, Seizures, Anaphylaxis & Many More

NaturalNews has published an article reviewing the recent US Institute of Medicine [IOM] Report on MMR vaccines.  You can download and view the report yourself: Adverse Effects of Vaccines Evidence Causality The full NaturalNews article can be read here: Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health […]

Winter Vaccinations Increase Autism Risk – New Study From California

A new statistical study [full abstract below] from the School of Medicine at the University of California, Davis shows a potential and small association in time in at best 6% of cases between between the month a child is conceived in California and the risk of developing autism.  This could indicate that winter vaccinations increase […]

US Government & Scientists Agree: More Vaccine-Caused-Autism Research Necessary

By David Kirby April 26, 2011  – [reposted from award winning journalist & author David Kirby’s website – Animal Factory: Government and Many Scientists Agree: Vaccine-Autism Research Should Continue] The vaccine-autism debate is far from over. If anything, it is just getting started. As the following comments, funding decisions, research priorites and published papers suggest, […]

US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Here we present the US Federal Court’s decision and order in full below. The claimant in this case was dead when the damages were awarded. Tambra Harris died on November 9, 2009. Tambra’s mother and Administratix of her estate, Louvonia Deniece Harris, was substituted as petitioner, and an amended petition was filed on October 15, […]

Unsafe Vaccines & Corruption In Medical Journal Publishing

If you want proof of how corrupt medical publishing has become – read on. A long list of citations of medical journal papers claimed to be evidence vaccines are safe and do not cause autistic conditions has been posted on the blog of Seth Mnookin. Mnookin, a journalist, vaccine/autism denialist and author of an anti-vaccine-safety […]

The BIG Lie – Wakefield Lancet Paper Alleged Fraud – Was Not Possible For Anyone To Commit

Central to the latest claims of journalist Brian Deer published in the British Medical Journal 6th January is the allegation that Dr Wakefield “altered numerous facts about the patients’ medical histories in order to support his claim to have identified a new syndrome.“ What Deer and the BMJ fail to point out is that not […]