Drug Industry Operates Like Organised Crime – But Kills More People Than The Mob – Says Dr. Peter Gøtzsche of the Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark – 200,000 Americans pa Killed Following Doctors’ Instructions – Prescription Drugs 3rd Leading Cause of Death In West

In the two videos below you can watch and listen to Dr. Peter Gøtzsche who leads the Nordic Cochrane Centers in Copenhagen, Denmark. Two hundred thousand Americans, he says, die every year from taking pharmaceutical drugs, the third-leading cause of death — half of whom while simply following their doctors’ orders.

Gøtzsche said that large pharmaceutical companies were no different than organized crime or the mafia. The companies buy off influential lawmakers, ministers of health and medical academics — effectively silencing criticism by anyone with significant influence.

By taking fewer drugs, claimed Gøtzsche, people could live far longer lives.  You can read Dr Gøtzsche‘s book Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How big pharma has corrupted healthcare Paperback – 21 Aug 2013.   You can also read Professor David Healy’s book “Pharmageddon”

Video: (8 minutes):  Dr. Peter Gøtzsche: Big Pharma Is Organized Crime