Clear Proof’s Doctor David Gorski [aka ORAC] Is Dishonest And A Liar – And If You Find A Bigger Gorski Lie To Better This Example Let Us Know


It is a serious matter when a medical doctor abuses the trusted status of a licensed medical professional to abuse bully disparage and attack others. It is worse when he uses that status and trusted position to lie about published medical research to make false claims intended to mislead and actively spread deliberate misinformation about medical knowledge whilst doing so to make false claims about others.  It is even worse when he does it so publicly and routinely, publishing to mislead people worldwide and on a daily basis on the internet. 

Here on CHS we examine just one deliberate intentional lie by Dr Gorski, the circumstances in which he made that lie and look at some implications.  The lie we are interested in is published on the website  It is in an attack blog directed against investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson for her work exposing the scandal of vaccines causing autism in hundreds of thousands of US children.  Dr David Gorski engages in his dishonest bullying conduct against a number of other people in the same blog post.

But first some background and we also invite readers to post comments here with other examples of Dr Gorski’s’s lies which they believe they have found to see if they can better our example.

Dr Gorski’s behaviour reveals him as a pseudoscientist and quack.  And it indicates Dr Gorski may not be of good moral character – which is what his dishonesty suggests.

This kind of behaviour also brings all of modern medicine into disrepute and taints all medical doctors.  Government health officials are able to avoid answering difficult questions hiding behind bloggers like Gorski who distract attention whilst spreading blatant misinformation and attacking wrongfully the characters and credibility of independently minded people who ask and even sometimes answer the questions health officials prefer to avoid. 

It of course also tells the world about the website  Dr David Gorski is its Managing Editor.  What are the other editors doing about Gorski’s deliberate lies and online bullying?  Do they condone Dr Gorski’s behaviour?  Have they done anything to stop it?  Do they intend putting matters right?  Gorski has been doing this kind of thing for many years. 

The other editors are: Stephen P Novella; Kimball C. Atwood IV, MD; Mark A. Crislip, MD; Harriet Hall, MD; and Paul Ingraham [a former Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver, Canada]. 

Are they liars too?  We do not know about that because we have not considered any of their work.  But if they do nothing then that tells you something about them.

Dr David Gorski seems to lie as a matter of routine.  Worse still he asserts he relies on science when he is just lying.  Gorski of course is not the only liar.  On CHS we have highlighted other liars who have been caught lying blatantly, in some instances having to apologise and pay compensation.

So what are the implications of Gorski’s cyber bullying and lying under the requirements to be met by a licensed medical practitioner in the State of Michigan? [Dr Gorski practices medicine in Michigan].

The Michigan Board of Medicine appears to be responsible for enforcing for the practice of medicine the Public Health Code under Public Act 368 of 1978, as amended. Section 16221 contains a multitude of behaviours but lying appears to fall under a “lack of good moral character“.  After all, if a licensed medical professional lies about medical knowledge to mislead others and so publicly that does not sound like someone of good moral character, does it? 

But that is not all.  If Dr Gorski advises and treats patients on the basis of the kind of defective untrue and misleading information he published on his blog then he may violate other requirements.  Violations include negligence or failure to exercise due care as well as any conduct or practice that impairs, or may impair, the ability to safely and skillfully practice medicine.  And it may also indicate a lack of competence to advise and treat patients in accordance with his obligations.  Incompetence can be a violation. A mental inability reasonably related to and adversely affecting the licensee’s ability to practice in a safe and competent manner can also violate the Code.  That raises the question of whether Dr Gorski’s psychological profile as revealed by his blogging activities and specifically his inability to be truthful about medical scientific matters makes him psychologically unfit to treat patients.  That is not a question for CHS to answer but it would seem an appropriate question to ask.

So what did the liar Dr David Gorski do?  He published one of his usual rambling articles on the website.  It was 3333 words entitled “Anti-vaccine propaganda from Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News published on April 4, 2011. 

You can see this was not a trivial matter.  Gorski attacked a prominent US journalist along with a number of other people and he lied to do it.  Ms Attkisson reported for CBS News on a peer reviewed journal paper published by Dr Helen Ratajczak.  Ms Attkisson’s report included:

The article in the Journal of Immunotoxicology is entitled “Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes–A review.” The author is Helen Ratajczak, surprisingly herself a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm. Ratajczak did what nobody else apparently has bothered to do: she reviewed the body of published science since autism was first described in 1943. Not just one theory suggested by research such as the role of MMR shots, or the mercury preservative thimerosal; but all of them.

Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review By Sharyl Attkisson CBS News April 1, 2011

This is the part of Dr David Gorski’s article in which the lie appears and it is a significant lie:

And she cites the anti-vaccine blog Child Health Safety as one of her references? The date of the CHS entry cited is June 30, 2010. All I could find was this entry, which purports to argue that both Merck’s Director of Vaccines and the U.S. government have admitted that vaccines cause autism all based on  the long known science showing that a maternal case of rubella while carrying a fetus can result in autism in the child, something that’s been known for several decades and is in fact one reason why vaccination against rubella is so important. How on earth did this get through peer review. Obviously, the peer reviewers of Dr. Ratajczak’s article were either completely ignorant of the background science (and therefore unqualified) or asleep at the switch.

Notice our emphasis added to just three words “all based on“.  Dr Gorski chose those words to make sure his lie would be all the more convincing.  Those three words show how deliberate and calculated Dr Gorski was being in his lying and dishonesty.

And just to make sure we are comparing apples with apples, this is the CHS article Dr Gorski lied about Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines as it appeared when Dr Gorski wrote his blog post in April 2011. 

Notice how in his article Dr Gorski admits he found and read the article.  There is no mistake.  And of course Dr Gorski was making claims intended to damage the reputations of Ms Attkisson and Dr Ratajczak among others.  So it was deliberate, intentional and to cause harm to others.  And it was bullying cyber abuse.

Now what you can also see here is that Dr Gorski not only lied about the CHS article but he also lied about a number of other things [and this is just looking at the one paragraph] and all for the purposes of attacking Ms Attkisson and Dr Ratajczak.

Most people do not click on links in blog posts.  But this particular Gorski lie would be one CHS would know to be a lie without needing to refer to the CHS article concerned.  But we make sure you can refer to it to so you can see just how dishonest Doctor David Gorski MD is.

Contrary to Dr David Gorski’s contrived and dishonest claims, the admissions by Merck’s Director of Vaccines and U.S. government agencies that vaccines cause autistic conditions were not “all based on” autism caused by rubella infection.  They were not based on that at all.  And that is perfectly clear from the CHS article.  So Gorski despite having found and read the CHS article clearly lied and did so deliberately and intentionally with a remarkable degree of dishonesty. 

It is also plain for all to see that not only did the CHS article cover several known causes of autism and not just one [as the liar Dr Gorski claimed], but also the quotes admitting vaccines cause autism were in relation to further separate mechanisms by which that can happen. 

In addition to that the CHS article quoted, cited and linked to original sources including a number of peer reviewed medical journal papers.

What is also notable is the causes of autism which Dr Gorski omitted are causes which he steadfastly has avoided referring to.  It is difficult for him to deny the admissions made because they were made and the CHS article cited and linked to original sources showing that.  That is another aspect of his dishonesty.  He ignores completely evidence which goes against the political commercial views he publishes under contract on to support the drug industry and to support government officials in pressurising parents into giving dangerous unnecessary vaccines to their children.

But what it does show is that Dr Gorski knows those admitted causes are known real causes of vaccine-caused-autism.  If he were to contradict that he would also have to claim Merck’s Director of Vaccines and US Government agencies were lying when they made those admissions – admissions which were against their interests [but definitely in the public interest].  So Gorski avoids acknowledging the admissions, but in doing so tacitly confirms he knows they are true.

But Gorski did not stop there.  He lied also about it being improper of Dr Ratajczak to cite CHS in a peer reviewed journal.  But it would have been improper for Dr Ratajczak to take the benefit of the work of others without citing CHS as the source.  To do that would have been plagiarism.

Dr Ratajczak properly cited the source of the information, which itself cited original sources.  So Gorski lied again.  And of course Dr Gorski knows that. 

This also addresses a further lie by Dr Gorski, that the peer review system of the journal concerned was in some way defective by allowing such a citation.  Clearly, it was not and could not have been.

And that brings us to a final point.  That one Gorski paragraph is comprised of 133 words, yet it contains at least 3 lies.  So on that basis one might estimate 75 Gorski lies in just that one blog post of 3333 words.  And he blogs 6 days a week under contract, so that could be around 450 Gorski lies a week.  And over the course of a year it could be 22,500 lies p.a. making Dr Gorski quite an impressive liar by quantity.  And if contains that many lies from just one author, how many other lies might there be, if any?  

You should not hold your breath waiting for the Michigan Board of Medicine to do anything.  But what this information does is raise the question: if one doctor can lie that much in one year and so blatantly and publicly and get away with it, how many other doctors and “scientists” are lying too?  How many in the US Centers for Disease Control for example?

24 Responses

  1. Hi

    This person is merely a blogger. As such it is up to people to follow his ideas and accept or reject them, eg by regarding his web references that doesnt include his opinions.

    In short any intelligent person will soon reach the conclusions above that his ideas are likely to be more wrong than right butnever always oneor the other.

    But to publicise his blogging here and anywhere else is counter-productive unless there are specific things that need stating without even adding to his credibility or lack of the same.

    Any publicity is good publicity and the best thing is to avoid talking about these people whose motives are not clear.

    In England people are denounced on TV as ripping off and exploiting people. Result, the person merely continues and announces that what he does has been publicised on TV so must be good.

    My personal view is that by discussing his ideas, people are given the view that he has something to add to the debate which in rare cases is true.

    The problem with any ideas that have many different and complex aspects is that like an elephant we only examine small parts and all may have some truth.

    Vaccines do have a value but how can you fight agianst 3 million infectious illnesses with vaccines?

    Any doctor given drug has risks. all accpet this.

    How can it be possible that billions of vaccines have been given without similar rates of problems and adverse effects?

    Any person that has an opinion that vaccines are always good is not giving any opinion other thanhe or she is a complete fool.

    Just regard Charles Richet a Nobel Winner for his work on vaccines and ANAPHYLAXIS. His work is abused, ignored and forgotten every time repeat vaccines are given.

    I would hoild to the views of those who claim vaccines are always safe if they themselves took on average as many vaccines themselves as they inject into unsuspecting one day old babies.

    Today the USA has moved from top to bottom for health and life expectancy.

    Vaccines desperately needed are not there. Vaccines of a dubious nature are given as said in a manner to encourage an anaphylactic response rather than a prophylactic response.

    A vaccine for a non lethal illness and risking a lethal anaphylactic reaction is not my opinion but the result of 100 year old research by hundreds of vaccine researchers which have been proved again and again to the present day and countered only by drugs admitted by all to come with side effects.

    The result of madness by doctors is necessarily to get a mirror effect by people who reject vaccines for serious illnesses that are controlled with ease by vaccines.

    If doctors were honest then the public would follow them to the extent of 100 per cent. Despite the work of Richet, 99 per cent do follow doctors and repeat vaccines blindly hence possible the reason for the poorer health and shorter lives in USA?

  2. “This person is merely a blogger.” Is like saying Jack Ruby merely ran a nightclub.

  3. “Vaccines do have a value”
    Please support this statement with INDEPENDENT scientifically sound data.

    “This person is merely a blogger.”
    Unfortunately due to the decades of brainwashing of the populace by the vaccine makers, government agencies (CDC & HHS), various celebrity Doctors (Proffit, Snyderman, Oz, Guptha, Johnson etc) who are positioned in the media on a daily basis as “authorities” and the corporate/pharmaceutical owned media blantant support of the vaccine industry chanting to the world vaccines are safe and effective, Orac is not seen as just a blogger. By suppressing contradictory studies and resources. By suppressing the voices of highly educated and well researched Doctors such as: Dr. Toni Bark, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Brian Hooker, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Barbara Loe Fisher, Sherri Tenpenny, D.O., Gayle Delong, Ph.D, Dr. Gary Null, Dr. Kennedy, Boyd Haley PhD, J. William Hirzy PhD, Roger D. Masters PhD and many other-you give people like ORAC a captured audience. This makes him more than just a blogger.

    People cannot make an informed choice when the information is deliberately suppressed by the government who too many trust to do what’s right for the populace. Informed consent is a Federal Law yet it is suppressed not only by the government and media but by the Doctors who have taken a oath to do no harm. Parents are threatened with “being fired” by their child’s pediatrician for questioning vaccine safety, parents are threated with CPS intervention and parents have had the police called on them because of a constituently given right to make medical decisions for their children. Orac, being a MD has taken that oath of do no harm but notoriety and money has become more important. Name: Science Based Medicine sounds very authoritative so parents are sucked in. Again, he is not just a blogger.

  4. Good work CHS. These people must be exposed. I have goods on Harriet Hall (emails) who committed to fair debate in public forum then backed out.

    During a bullying session on one of the sites connected to the one you refer to here was where Dr. Hall & her cohorts like Gorski aka Orac ganged up on frustrated parents, as usual, which was where I first challenged Harriet Hall to public debate. Then we went to private emails for the rest of the conversation.

    Ingri Cassel sent me her article back then, a handful of years ago, where she exposed the fact fair debate has always been thwarted by those who have been running our show.

    Normal procedure every time one agrees they are approached & warned off. Too much to hide.

    Gorski is on Twitter. I have exposed him big time as well as another who is Dorit Reiss. Look her up. A lawyer friend connect her to, you guessed it, big pHARMa. She’s everywhere working damage control as many are these days trying to help continue the vaccine cover up.

    I’m mofmars333 & I tweet with #CDCwhistleblower & #hearthiswell

    #CDCwhistleblower was trending number one in healthcare on Twitter for weeks & still we get media blackout, of course.

    We must not ignore these who work to pHARM children. That would be a mistake. Thank you for this article CHS. I am a fan of your hard work.

  5. #gorskibusted

    David Gorski@gorskon

    @childhlthsafety Clearly your momma didn’t teach you the difference between a lie and stating a fact-based opinion. No surprise there.

    7:11 AM – 2 Nov 2014


    Ha! Making untrue statements of fact intentionally & knowingly is “opinion”. Where can we buy that dictionary

    11:48 AM – 2 Nov 2014

  6. […] Mirzam is online now   Quote #10 of 12 Old Today, 10:07 AM teacozy     Join Date: Apr 2013 Location: Hogwarts Posts: 1,578 Mentioned: 6 Post(s) Tagged: 0 Thread(s) Quoted: 429 Post(s) This is another good read on Doshi for those interested.…ine-activists/ “The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson teacozy is online now   Quote #11 of 12 Old Today, 10:11 AM teacozy     Join Date: Apr 2013 Location: Hogwarts Posts: 1,578 Mentioned: 6 Post(s) Tagged: 0 Thread(s) Quoted: 429 Post(s) Quote: Originally Posted by Mirzam Straight from the Vaccine Proponents Playbook again – if you have nothing to back up your view, then try and assassinate with groupthink. And Dr Gorski is a breast surgeon. Nothing wrong with being an AIDs denier, it show that someone has a brain and can think for themselves. The BMJ seemed to be okay with publishing a paper by him. His 2013 BMJ article was an opinion piece, not an original research article. And yes, it probably matters to a lot of people (or it should) that he has no qualifications in vaccines or immunology and that he disputes the fact that HIV causes AIDS. It sure as heck would matter to me. It may not bother you, but lurkers might feel otherwise. “The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson teacozy is online now   Quote #12 of 12 Old Today, 10:13 AM – Thread Starter Mirzam     Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Resistance Free Earth Posts: 7,602 Mentioned: 3 Post(s) Tagged: 0 Thread(s) Quoted: 133 Post(s) Here's a good read on "Dr" Gorski, for those interested. http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.c…rsk_is_a_liar/ […]

  7. I disagree with John Fryer. I commend you for drawing attention to Gorski’s lies in this passionate and well-documented article. Unfortunately, a lot of people still just automatically assume that anyone mouthing platitudes like “vaccines save lives,” is trustworthy, and may then tend to believe all the rest of what they say about crazy anti-vaxxers and lies about vaccines causing autism and autoimmune disease far more often than they save any lives, without analyzing it. Articles like yours will wake up those who have ears to hear, and once they realize exactly how egregiouis this loser is with his three lies per paragraph, multiplied by his every working hour, multiplied by all the other vaccine spokesmen in the medical and pharma juggernaut, the mainstream media, the blogs, the government agencies, the trolls paid to attack every vaccine critic on any website, wherever it may be found, they will get an idea what we’re up against, and the powerful forces ranged against us and our children. Full disclosure: I have MS from a reaction to a tetanus booster (brachial plexus neuroapathy, both arms paralyzed temporarily starting day of vaccine) and my daughter has autism from an encephalitic reaction to the hep-B vaccine given without permission and against my expressed desire to the pediatrician the day of birth, and another one reacting to the DTaP booster at 18 months, which erased her only two words, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later).

  8. CHS is not citable. The original sources are, providing they demonstrate sufficiently robust evidence. Opinions, no matter who provides them, do not constitute a source that can be cited. Perhaps if you spent a little less time on character assination and a little more on demonstrating the precise errors in Dr Gorski’s report, this blog would be more credible. The data that was indirectly cited in those earlier papers demonstrated that a virus was implicated in autism. Therefore, it follows that this would be a good strategy to reduce the incidence of rubella-associated autism.

    [ED: Perhaps if you took a little less time on commenting without thinking and reading first you might realise that the CHS article concerned was reporting factually what a series of citable sources stated and not opinions.

    Further, anything is “citable”. All kinds of sources are cited in peer reviewed literature. The issue for the author is the reliability of the source. The author concerned cited a reliable source which reliably in turn quoted and cited reliable sources.

    And what is more it is perfectly obvious you have not even read the article to which you have attached your comments. If you had done you would have seen the CHS article reports precisely what Dr David Gorski MD lied about and how he did it.

    And as a virus can cause autism then giving three different viruses at once in the MMR vaccine is bound to cause problems for a proportion of children. It is foreseeable.

    What Gorski spends his time doing is pretending he is using “science” to debunk when he is just repeatedly lying. And so takes the onus off public health officials by doing the job for them.

    In addition, this particular CHS article is well-founded and well-evidenced to the degree that there is no doubt whatsoever that Gorski deliberately and premeditatedly lied about facts reported in medical and related sources in order to mislead. If that was not the case CHS would simply not have reported this matter. Gorski has been doing this sort of thing for so long that he seems to think he can get away with if forever.

    He can keep doing it but he has been caught in the act and called out. This example was his gift to prove clearly and unambiguously what he has done.

    But thanks for commenting to provide the opportunity for CHS to make these matters even clearer than they already are.]

  9. I have a Twitter account and merely left a picture of my CDC positive lyme test up. David Gorski harassed me on Twitter for one full Friday. It’s like he had the day off and chose one person to just vilify. I had been having some extremely strange symptoms and been told I may have ALS or some type of MND. Well that made sense, since my aunt and grandfather both have “ALS” for over 2 decades now and are still alive. Anyway, my Dr. had me tested for lyme since I am an avid hunter and live in a CT where it’s pretty common. I came back full blown CDC positive on my IgG and IgM. I posted this on Twitter looking for help on the interpretation and my next step because I was ecstatic it may be something other than a neurological deteriorating disease. Well David and all his minions, literally spent the whole day harassing me. I was fierce in my own defense but not disrespectful. This man is an absolute bottomfeeder. I’ve never in my life thought that such a terrible Dr. could get such a platform and ADMITTEDLY take contributions from pharmaceutical companies. DAVID GORSKI IS A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING.

  10. […] But it’s even worse, really. Dr. David Gorski is likely “psychologically unfit to treat patients,” reports Child Health Safety: […]

  11. I think that he does most of his psychopathic abuse under different names now.

  12. When ever this ASS speaks, people listen. People like Gorski are a Pox on health and well being.

    “Whenever I write about homeopathy, I almost always refer to it at least once as “The One Quackery To Rule Them All.” It’s a phrase I’ve used to describe homeopathy for several years now, and for good reason. Of all the quackery out there, with the possible exception of reiki, homeopathy is the one that is most obviously quackery. Its two main “Laws” are so clearly pseudoscience that you’d think it incredibly unlikely that anyone would fall for such nonsense, but fall for it they do.”
    A rare win for science: The FTC issues its enforcement policy on homeopathic remedies – Respectful Insolence

    If you can stomach the under educated ramblings as an authority on things he knows nothing about. Watch “Quackademic Medicine – David H. Gorski, MD” on YouTube

  13. […] to mislead people worldwide and on a daily basis on the internet.” This quote comes from Child Health Safety blog published on November 2, 2014 in regards to David H. Gorski, an elusive and secretive […]

  14. […] to mislead people worldwide and on a daily basis on the internet.” This quote comes from Child Health Safety blog published on November 2, 2014 in regards to David H. Gorski, an elusive and secretive […]

  15. […] to mislead people worldwide and on a daily basis on the internet.” This quote comes from Child Health Safety blog published on November 2, 2014 in regards to David H. Gorski, an elusive and secretive […]

  16. […] to mislead people worldwide and on a daily basis on the internet.” This quote comes from Child Health Safety blog published on November 2, 2014 in regards to David H. Gorski, an elusive and secretive […]

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