Unvaccinated Not To Blame As California Declares Whooping Cough Epidemic – Vaccine Failing

In the news is the whooping cough epidemic declared by California.  This is one of many reports: California declares whooping cough epidemic by Jen Christensen, CNN June 14, 2014.

But the unvaccinated are not to blame.  There are two issues.  The vaccine does not work and to the extent it might the vaccinated can still contract the infection without showing symptoms and pass on the infection to the unvaccinated and to the vaccinated in whom the vaccine does not work.

CHS previously reported FDA research confirming whooping cough vaccine does not provide herd immunity and that the disease continues to be easily transmitted amongst the vaccinated and flourishes, passing on the disease to the vaccinated and unvaccinated: Whooping Cough Vaccine Does Not Work – Says US FDA’s Research

It is clearly time the medical professions faced up to their responsibilities of finding treatments for disease or else pass and let other forms of medicine take over.  Conventional doctors are so dependent upon the marketing strategies of the drug industry that they have no treatments for basic childhood diseases that kill millions of third world children.  Vaccine failure is high amongst poorly nourished children with no sanitation and clean water. Vaccines cannot work in poorly maintained immune systems which are themselves not working well.

But vaccine failure is not a third world issue.  This is where the vaccines themselves fail and not where the individual’s immune system is not working well.

CHS has reported previously first world developed nations with whooping cough, MMR, flu and polio vaccine failures.  There are consequent outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations and this appears to be part of a worldwide pattern of vaccine failure not limited to whooping cough vaccine:

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