Vaccines Are Causing Measles. Child Who Caught Measles From Vaccine Was Shedding Live Vaccine Measles Virus In Throat and Urine

When health officials in the press criticise parents who do not vaccinate, and some on blogs attack you personally for raising justified concerns about vaccines, you can tell them the evidence is clear, and you can read it here, the vaccinated are more likely to kill a child because they are vaccinated. 

So when someone makes the accusation, send them the link to this CHS post:

And you can tell them, it is parents of vaccinated children who are most likely to be responsible for those deaths. It is also health officials who fail to warn parents or do anything to ensure effective treatments are developed which might have saved the lives of those who have died or would save those who will die because of the parents who had their children vaccinated.

Read on and you will see current evidence shows it is not just measles but whooping cough and polio vaccines as well.

Regular CHS readers will know to expect health officials will deny vehemently the live measles virus in the MMR and measles vaccines can be passed from a vaccinated individual to infect others with measles [horizontal transmission].  Regular CHS readers will also know to expect that one too many health officials are simply untruthful about vaccine safety and efficacy issues.  They routinely grossly exaggerate disease risks, including from real examples shown here on CHS where some have been caught being untruthful about these matters.

CHS recently reported on MMR vaccine failure with vaccinated individuals catching wild measles and infecting other vaccinated individuals in highly vaccinated populations and there are continuing mumps and whooping cough outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations: US MMR Measles Vaccine Failing – Vaccinated New Yorker Causes Measles Outbreak In Other Vaccinated New Yorkers – Not Caused By Unvaccinated Children.

Most people do not know 5% of those receiving the MMR vaccine catch measles from the live virus in the vaccine:

About 5% of immunocompetent children receiving their first dose of MMR vaccine have mild measles with fever and rash. The vaccine strain can cause severe measles in immunocompromised people.”

British Medical Journal [BMJ] CASE REPORT Rash in a 15 month old girl

What most people also do not know is that the live measles vaccine virus is shed by those infected with vaccine measles.  We give an example here from a medical journal.  So this shows that the vaccinated can kill.  As there are more of them, the chances are higher they will.  But you are told to vaccinate your child to protect those who cannot be vaccinated.  And many people know the old adage “coughs and sneezes spread diseases“.

Here is an example of a vaccine infected child with symptoms of measles shedding the virus in the throat and urine:

We describe excretion of measles vaccine strain Schwarz in a child who developed a febrile rash illness eight days after primary immunisation against measles, mumps and rubella. Throat swabs and urine specimens were collected on the fifth and sixth day of illness, respectively. Genotyping demonstrated measles vaccine strain Schwarz (genotype A). If measles and rubella were not under enhanced surveillance in Croatia, the case would have been either misreported as rubella or not recognised at all.

Spotlight on measles 2010: Excretion of vaccine strain measles virus in urine and pharyngeal secretions of a child with vaccine associated febrile rash illness, Croatia, March 2010

Here is a case in which vaccine measles developed well outside the normal period for incubation of measles:

Virus genotype was determined by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada as vaccine strain, genotype A, MVs/British Columbia/39.13 [A] (VAC)”

Case of vaccine-associated measles five weeks postimmunisation, British Columbia, Canada, October 2013

Now, do you think that if someone dies from vaccine caused measles, anyone would hear about it, or that if it was publicised, no one would lie about the cause not being vaccine measles?

One of the big lies last year in the UK (and there is unfortunately no other word for it but “lie” as it was deliberate) was parents were told that their healthy child could die if not vaccinated with MMR and that 1 in 1000 who catch measles will die.  Data from the UK Health Protection Agency shows there have been nearly 107,000 reported cases of measles in the UK since 1992 but not a single healthy child or adult has died from a case of acute measles since 1992.  That is in 22 years. The only deaths since the last death in 1992 from acute measles have been in 3 already sick immunocompromised individuals and not healthy children vaccinated or not.  So there have been no deaths in all that time in the 5-10% of children not vaccinated but officials falsely claim 1 in 1000 who get measles will die. 

And this is with “herd immunity” too, although as the vaccines have been failing so too have the claims about the vaccine coverage to achieve “herd immunity” been rising, starting with 55% in 1967 in the USA to what was 90% and the 95% being claimed now.  It will soon be 100%.

So what and who are you supposed to believe?  Not public health officials.  They have regrettably proven themselves repeatedly over decades to be unreliable sources of information.

See the figures and especially the quote at bottom of HPA web page:

Prior to 2006, the last death from acute measles was in 1992. In 2006, there was one measles death in a 13 years old male who had an underlying lung condition and was taking immunosuppressive drugs. Another death in 2008 was also due to acute measles in unvaccinated child with congenital immunodeficiency whose condition did not require treatment with immunoglobulin. In 2013, one death was reported in a 25 year old man following acute pneumonia as a complication of measles. “

Measles notifications and deaths in England and Wales, 1940-2013

What the UK HPA omit regarding the death of the 25 year old in Wales was that he was not like your child is likely to be.  He was unwell and immunocompromised.  He was on medication, was severely underweight, was being treated for an alcohol addiction, and he then died two days after being sent home by his own doctor with no medical attention when he then had been seen with a measles rash and in the middle of outbreaks of measles in South Wales UK.  And mention is barely made of the fact that pneumonia after measles was “one of the ‘most likely’” causes of death so it is not even certain it was the pneumonia after measles that was the certain cause:

Giant Cell Pneumonia was one of the “most likely” causes of death associated with measles.  …..  The inquest heard blood and urine tests showed Mr Colfer-Williams, who was very underweight at only seven stones seven pounds despite being five foot nine inches tall, had taken a variety of anti-depressant and other drugs.

Man who died during Swansea measles epidemic died as a result of the disease, inquest hears  Jul 01, 2013 

People who get natural measles have always enjoyed lifelong immunity. Now it is clear that because of vaccination adults may have to have routine boosters of measles vaccine.  So vaccination seems to have destroyed natural disease immunity in the population.  That is a remarkable achievement for  a measure introduced to supposedly eradicate measles in the USA in just one year,  1967: “Measles To Be Eradicated in 1967 With 55% Vaccine Coverage”

It failed then, kept failing during the 1970s, failed again in 1984 in the USA and 1988 in the UK and other countries with the introduction of the MMR [with the also unnecessary mumps component].  Failed again when MMR two doses were introduced because one was not enough.  Failed again and again as health officials kept raising the level of vaccination coverage to achieve supposed “herd immunity” [they started with 55% coverage in 1967]. And now even with 95% coverage levels it is failing.    After that it will be 100% coverage enforced with compulsory vaccination and it will be failing again, with boosters already being suggested for adults.  Now that is an under-impressive record for medical “science” [or should we say pseudoscience? Because that is more accurate.]

The destruction of natural disease immunity is yet another step along the route of making citizens believe and feel they are dependent upon the state and those who control it for their health and security and that of their families and children, just like false flag attacks in the USA do.  The cause of adults in highly vaccinated populations contracting measles and perhaps even dying when with natural immunity they would not, is the vaccines and the vaccine programmes.  So the ways in which the safety from disease conferred by natural immunity is undermined by vaccines are manifold.

And it is not just those vaccinated against measles who are more likely to kill a baby.  Those vaccinated against whooping cough are far far more likely to kill a baby than an unvaccinated child.  You can see that from the following CHS article which we publish again here.

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Ever Continuing Worldwide Vaccine Failures – Australia Joins UK & USA In the Whooping Cough Vaccine Fail Club [Again]

Just a “quickie”.  Whooping cough [pertussis] vaccine is not working in Australia according to this report published in The Sidney Morning Herald:  Whooping cough vaccine loses its effectiveness April 14, 2014 Lucy Carroll Health Reporter.

And read on if you want examples to show incompetent journalists they are just plain dumb to fall for the false explanation that the parents of unvaccinated children are to blame for the circulation of  childhood diseases. Here you can find links to mainstream sources revealing how the vaccinated are catching and passing on these ages old basic childhood diseases.

And if you want someone to blame, that is the easy bit.  The reason we do not have effective treatments for these diseases are firstly those incompetent health and science journalists or editors who have not made sure they embarrassed the hell out of government health officials [but suck up to them instead].  Then we have the medical professions.  The egos of some of them are huge [but not big enough to see through the haze of pseudo-scientific junk science they have surrounded themselves with about vaccines].  They shelved development of effective treatments in favour of vaccines, swallowing all the mumbo-jumbo pseudo-science.  And next to them we have government health officials to blame. 

That is the “who is to blame”. And what is the “what” that is to blame?  Easy.  It is vaccines, but more and over all that it is the classic example of the wonders of “science” being screwed up by the wonders of scientists, as seen so many times with things like nuclear power, pesticides and all manner of harmful applications of “science” by “scientists”.

So to Australia’s ineffective whooping cough vaccine we can add:

1) the UK.  And the USA [where in California over 80% of cases were in the fully vaccinated]:

Whooping Cough Vaccine – Doesn’t Work – GSK Says “We Never Bothered to Check”

2) CHS’ previous 2012 report of the record-breaking 5 year whooping cough epidemic in Australia:

Major Whooping Cough Epidemics – Vaccine Not Working

3) the US FDA’s own research findings that the whooping cough vaccine does not stop the disease spreading, with no effective herd immunity. [Although that does not stop the vaccine lobby and incompetent journalists blaming the transmission of naturally occurring diseases on the parents of unvaccinated children – when that is clearly wrong]:

Whooping Cough Vaccine Does Not Work – Says US FDA’s Research


4) we might as well throw in measles with the failing MMR vaccine in the USA which is also the same one used for years in the UK since 1994: Merck’s MMR II.  And again this shows that measles can be caught and transmitted by fully vaccinated individuals to other fully vaccinated individuals – these are not the unvaccinated but the fully vaccinated, showing it is clearly wrong to blame naturally occurring diseases on the parents of unvaccinated children – when that is clearly wrong:

US MMR Measles Vaccine Failing – Vaccinated New Yorker Causes Measles Outbreak In Other Vaccinated New Yorkers – Not Caused By Unvaccinated Children

5) and we also add the failing mumps vaccine in Holland [Netherland], where of course as vaccinated individuals catch mumps and pass it on to other vaccinated individuals, you should now be realising that it is fairly dumb to blame naturally occurring diseases on the parents of unvaccinated children – when that is clearly wrong:

Epidemic of Mumps among Vaccinated Persons, the Netherlands, 2009–2012

6) and the mumps failure was also already happening back in 2005/6 in the UK:

Government Risks Male Sterility As Mumps Vaccine Fails

7) and then there is the smallpox vaccine which never worked anyway [unless killing the recipient counts, as it was pretty good at that]:

Smallpox Eradication – One of History’s Biggest Lies & How Vaccination Did Not Eradicate Smallpox

Small Pox – Big Lie – Bioterrorism Implications of Flawed Theories of Eradication

8) and then there is the polio eradication which cost India US$8 billion and in just one year 47,500 cases of what was probably called polio back in the 1940s and 1950s, namely what is now called non polio acute flaccid paralysis [NPAFP].   NPAFP is twice as deadly as polio and bizarrely clinically indistinguishable  from polio and occurred in India in proportion to the number of polio vaccines given.  Again, deadly NPAFP disease cannot be blamed on the parents of unvaccinated children – this shows that is clearly wrong – the polio vaccine clearly seems to be the culprit:

New Paper – Polio Vaccine – Disease Caused by Vaccine Twice As Fatal – Third World Duped – Scarce Money Wasted – Polio Eradication Impossible

BBC World News – Bill Gates’ & WHO’s Polio Eradication Plans Under Fire Today – Polio Cannot Be Eradicated & “US$ 8 Billion Spent On This Only Well Spent If We Learn Never To Do This Again”

Bill Gates Polio Eradication Plans – To Cause The Polio Equivalent of 235 Years of Cases Of A Twice As Deadly Disease

Bill Gates – Buying Immortality In History – By Beating An Already Beaten Disease & Killing Kids

9) and of course the flu vaccine in the USA does not work, so again pointless blaming parents of unvaccinated children for the flu:

New York Times – Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Yet More Research Says

 Piers Morgan Very Sick Days After USA TV Flu Shot Stunt Backfires – Piers Told “Don’t Ever Take A Flu Shot Again”

Can You Trust Known-to-be Corrupt Governments When They Also Push Useless Flu Vaccines – US Talk Radio Dr Michael Savage On The Savage Nation January 11, 2013

10) and flu vaccine in Australia, where it is again pointless blaming parents of unvaccinated children for the flu:

Australia Bans Flu Vaccine – Child In Coma – Many Hospitalised

“Don’t give children flu jab” says chief medical officer

Australian Government Dumps On Sick Kids Injured by ‘Flu Vaccine

11) and flu vaccine in the UK, where it is again pointless blaming parents of unvaccinated children for the flu:

Now UK Recalls Another Novartis Flu Vaccine – Agrippal – Recall Follows EU and Canadian Bans of Agriflu and Fluad Flu Vaccines

New Flu Risk From Vaccine – “a very effective way to spread flu” – New Nasal Spray Vaccine

Most UK Medics Refusing Flu Vaccines – UK’s New Chief Medical Officer Resorts To Bullying

12) and flu vaccine in the EU, where it is again pointless blaming parents of unvaccinated children for the flu:

EU Flu Vaccine Bans Still Unreported – Medics Sick After Vaccine Refuse More

EU Takes Emergency Measures Over Glaxo’s ‘Flu Vaccine – Causes Narcolepsy in Children

Children Get Narcolepsy From Flu Vaccine – Confirmed in British Medical Journal

13) and flu vaccine in Canada, where it is again pointless blaming parents of unvaccinated children for the flu:

EU And Canada Flu Vaccine Ban – Not Reported By Press

14) and flu vaccine worldwide from assessment of clinical trials, where it is again pointless blaming parents of unvaccinated children for the flu:

New Study – Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Work

15) and how dangerous these flu vaccines can be – now you cannot blame parents of unvaccinated children for THAT!:

Flu Vaccine Caused 3587 US Miscarriages & Stillbirths

Flu Vaccine Cripples Healthy US Cheerleader for Life

EU Takes Emergency Measures Over Glaxo’s ‘Flu Vaccine – Causes Narcolepsy in Children

US Drug Company Released Deadly Virus In EU In Vaccine

Children Risk Untested Flu Vaccines In Hyped Pandemic

Australian Government Dumps On Sick Kids Injured by ‘Flu Vaccine

Japan’s Suspension of Recommendation for Gardasil & Cervarix HPV Vaccines for Women – Caused by Large Numbers of Unexplained Serious Adverse Reactions

For those CHS readers who may not know of the suspension of the Japanese Health Ministry’s recommendation for these vaccines last year, it was reported June 18, 2013 in Japan’s leading daily newspaper, in an in-depth article which was republished in the English-language digital version The Asahi Shimbun AJW: ANALYSIS: Experts at loss over pain from cervical cancer vaccination.

What this tells us is that throughout the western world health officials and others have managed to cow and manipulate the media to such a degree that serious health risks of drug products go unreported.  In the UK, health officials have presented formal reports containing manipulated data about such reactions including classifying some as “psychogenic” – even serious ones, which it is difficult to imagine could be: UK Drug Safety Agency Falsified Vaccine Safety Data For 6 Million.

In other words in health females have no equality.  Health officials continue to present women and girls as silly bubble-headed females who are so flighty and feckless that they make something out of nothing and do not know what is real and what is not.   

There have been cases of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), in which severe pain often spreads from a limb to other body parts.  In serious cases, it becomes difficult to walk or move the arms.

More than half the estimated 3.28 million vaccinated Japanese women reported symptoms ranging from a swollen or reddened inoculation site to pain and fatigue with 2,000 complaints of side effects, such as prolonged pain and numbness which includes 357 serious cases, such as difficulties in breathing or walking and convulsions.

The Health Ministry is allowing Japanese women and girls to be vaccinated at their and their families own risk.  A decision regarding reinstatement of the recommendation was anticipated within 6 months of the suspension although Ministry officials were quoted at the time as saying there was then no means to fully examine or explain the causes of the side effects.

Here are some prior CHS reports:

Girl, 13, left in ‘waking coma’ and sleeps for 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs

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“World’s Most Dangerous Vaccine” Now Being Given to British Schoolgirls

New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons

HPV Vaccine Questioned Internationally

Schoolgirls Are Given Toxic HPV Vaccine – Gardasil – Serious Adverse Reactions