USA Openly Starts BioWars Arms Race – With Big Pharma’s Help

Would you be happy to learn the US government has control over what appears to be being claimed is the first rapid production facility for pandemic vaccines, if you were the Premier of China, India, Pakistan, any Arabic country, Russia and many others not being one of the USA’s close allies or partners?  Might you see this as the start in earnest of an open biodefense arms race, which is one half of a bioweapons arms race?  After all, the technology is nearly at the stage where people can make their own pandemic viruses in their kitchen – albeit these would have to be sophisticated kitchens with a few added extras.  Scientific American reported 9 December 2011: Contagion:  Controversy Erupts over Man-Made Pandemic Avian Flu Virus – Two teams of scientists have independently constructed a deadly strain of flu.  Some say the results should never be published.

The national security implications of vaccines are not much discussed.  But there are national security implications.  Mostly it is focussed on crude and unlikely to be used bioweapons like smallpox.  And as CHS has reported, the “science”  behind that is shaky: Small Pox – Big Lie – Bioterrorism Implications of Flawed Theories of Eradication.

So when we have the bizarre abrupt about turn by the US and UK media to report flu vaccines are useless and don’t work on the back of the less well publicised [to Jo Public] news that Uncle Sam has cornered the market in pandemic vaccine production preparedness with its direct investment with Pharma in a brand new US$1 billion manufacturing plant all just approved by the US Food and Drug Administration it all starts to get a bit more interesting.

In the past the US has waged wars around the world with the cash registers of US arms manufacturers and commercial suppliers of logistics and support happily ringing their merry tune.  It is considered the US long involvement in the Vietnam war was possibly the first of the really large commercial money makers for the arms industries and other for-full-profit private sector war support companies.  The experience of the involvement of commercial companies in the “liberation” of Iraq is another example.

This time around it looks like for the first time the big commercial biowar opportunities have arrived for big pharma.

But wait a moment.  Hasn’t the US Pharma been involved previously in releasing deadly pandemic viruses in the EU?  Yep they sure have.  One certain way to get the Europeans to line up for their pandemic bird or swine flu vaccines is to create panic by making sure there is a pandemic.  And hey, let’s not do it back home in good old US of A but let’s make it close enough to Americans so they will get real scared and line up too.

Is this just the crazies talking or what?

Barely covered in the world’s media was the news that US Pharma company and flu vaccine manufacturer Baxter Pharmaceuticals was responsible for the “accidental” supply to the EU of a large quantity of pandemic flu vaccines which contained live pandemic flu viruses instead.  CHS covered this here with links to original sources: US Drug Company Released Deadly Virus In EU In Vaccine. Natural News fortunately also covered the story with useful links to other original sources about a journalist Jane Burgermeister endeavoured to commence legal action:  Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by: Barbara L. Minton Natural News.

Scary stuff boys and girls.

Who is the greater threat to our modern western society?  Is it all the enemies our governments dream up for us like Iraq and the invention of fake non-existent  weapons of mass destruction?  Or is it our governments themselves and the string pullers standing behind the bureaucracies?

And if your child and your family are suffering the serious consequences of vaccines like autism, remember, if Uncle Sam is to be able to vaccinate America in an emergency, it sure can’t have you scaring folks that the vaccines cause autism or any other serious health problems.  Who would line up for their shots?  And the same goes for other countries: make sure their populations are conditioned to be ready and willing to line up and roll up their sleeves for one of Uncle Sam’s favourite vaccines.

So if you thought it was just big Pharma on its own out there to make bucks, it looks like you were wrong.

2 Responses

  1. if i were a diabolical leader looking for ways to control the population somehow or ???, i would want to garner cooperation… “gazillions” of trusting people around the world are currently willing to cooperate and get vaccinated without question and they will pay for it too… how easy is that?

  2. Never thought it was just just Big Pharma! Always about using taxpayer money in this collusive, incestuous relationship between government and pharma as the latter are donors to legislator election campaigns.

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