Autism Can Be Treated – Independent Doctors Succeed vs Modern Medicine’s Massive Fail

In the UK 1 in 64 children has an autistic condition.  In the USA it is claimed 1 in 100 but in states like New Jersey the rate is around double that.  So can anything be done?

See for yourself in this video and compare:

children after treatment dramatically changed vs children in appalling pain – mentally disabled by autism and bowel disease

Also think.  These children cannot get treatment from mainstream hospitals and doctors and they had to travel the world to get it.  So the comparison is also:

modern medicine and government health officials BIG FAIL vs independent doctors and parents who sought out effective treatments

The failure of modern medicine and the western world’s media to address this worldwide health disaster is a consequence of manipulation by them and government health officials which protects the drug industry from and hides extensive vaccine and other drug caused health problems: USA’s 4th Leading Cause of Death – Pharma’s Drugs.

Take a look 10 minutes and 30 seconds into this video below and see a Rupert Murdoch Sunday Times’ journalist proclaiming about one of these children “that is not bowel disease“.  James Murdoch was a main Board Director of GlaxoSmithKline – hired by GSK to deal with “external issues that might have the potential for serious impact upon the group’s business and reputation“: James Murdoch takes GlaxoSmithKline role – Chris Tryhorn The Guardian Monday 2 February 2009:-

3 Responses

  1. Forwarded it to Mercola…

  2. good..let the awareness grow

  3. let me also say that Homoeopathy has answer to this..please let the world know… a true homoepath can be of immense help to those poor autistic children out there

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