Autism – Google Suppressing News? The Vanishing News Story – Can You Find The Story On Google?

Yesterday the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper carried a detailed two page feature story by respected journalist Sue Reid about the ruling in the Italian Court that Merck’s MMR II vaccine caused autism in an Italian child [see link to the story].  This is the same vaccine used in the UK since 1988 and USA since 1984.  MMR: A mother’s victory. The vast majority of doctors say there is no link between the triple jab and autism, but could an Italian court case reignite this controversial debate? By Sue Reid15 June 2012

Can you find yesterday’s story in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper by searching Google News? If you do check this yourself it would help to let others know the results.  You can post a comment below.

We have had reports that the story cannot be  found by searches in Google News.  We checked ourselves a number of times using various searches and the story does not appear to come up. Try this search.

An ordinary Google search brings up the story as the first hit, but nothing on Google news.

What did you find?  You are welcome to post a comment below.  You can also cut and past the link to the results of your search in any comment so others can try out what you found.

You might find links to other sites referring to the Daily Mail story, but can you search on Google News and find the direct link to the story yourself?  We would like to hear how you did trying to find this story online.