Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism II – Initial English Summary

STOP PRESS 23 May 2012:

Full English Translation of Italian Court Decision Found on CHS here:

Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism – III: English Translation Of Court Decision


The following is an initial English Summary of the decision of the Italian Court.  We hope to be able to provide a complete translation as soon as it becomes available.  Our first article on this can be found here Italy – Court Holds MMR Vaccine Causes Autism:

The document is all about irreparable damages attributed by a Doctor Niglio to the MMR vaccination, which was received at a government public medical facility and therefore consequent governmental liability, even if the vaccine was not mandatory.

The right to  ‘indennizio’ is discussed, which is compensation, regarding the child’s care after doctors certified that he has suffered serious “total” and “permanent” psychological and physical issues which can be attributed to the vaccination and has resulted in what Italy designates as 100% incapacity.

The government tried to avoid paying saying it wasn’t liable because the vaccination wasn’t mandatory, but there is discussion that because it was as a result of governmental publicity campaigns, liability is still theirs.

If the foregoing is a sufficiently accurate summary, which it seems to be, then it is interesting to note the basis of denial of liability was not that the vaccine was not the cause of the autistic condition.  This suggests the Italian health authorities know it can cause autistic conditions, just as we know US government health officials and Merck’s director of vaccines have admitted vaccines can cause autistic conditions:  Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines