Bruesewitz vs Wyeth: Press Conference outside the Supreme Court today(3 March2011)

2pm Eastern, 7pm UK time:

TODAY at 2pm Eastern, the Bruesewitz press conference will be streaming live at We need your help to promote on FB, Twitter, blogs, and email threads. Click on link to grab embed code or copy below!

British Medical Journal fails to disclose commercial conflicts in Wakefield attack

I have submitted the following letter to BMJ this morning:-

What about BMJ, Merck and GSK (and Andrew Wakefield)?

BMJ is a part free journal. In view of the recent renewed attacks on Andrew Wakefield (which were all free of access) what are we to make of the fact that BMJ Learning is in partnership with Merck under the alias of Univadis [1,2], or that MSD and GSK sponsor BMJ awards [3]? Should not these competing interests be openly declared?

[1] Vera Hassner Sharav ‘BMJ & Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership’ (including Martin J Walker ‘Merck’s Medical Media Empire’),

[2] Univadis log-in page,