CNN Interview – Andrew Wakefield Replies to Autism Fraud Allegations

See Andrew Wakefield responding on CNN TV to fraud allegations published in the British Medical Journal  6th January 2010 [or he tries to – if it were not for the CNN interviewer Anderson Cooper constantly interrupting, bombarding with new and different questions  and changing the subject every time Wakefield  makes a direct hit]. Anderson Cooper notably becomes less and less aggressive as the interview goes on and as Wakefield makes his points.


And it now turns out the allegations are yet another a rehash of journalist Brian Deer’s old work and not independent work of the BMJ.

8 Responses

  1. Cooper bullies Wakefield by hardly giving him the opportunity to complete a response witthout him cutting in and attacking the man. I will read his book and reach my own conclusion. Cooper and and Dr. Gupta are not objevtive. They are defending their big customer, the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  2. I am highly disappointed in Anderson Ccoper’s interview as a professional reporter that is completely supposed to be unbiased. He really acted very nervous and anxious overtalking his guest. As if he knew the answers himself. He needs to chill out and stay focused on why he has a show and give his guest a voice.

  3. Anderson Cooper was shockingly abusive of Andrew Wakefield. There was absolutely no purpose in conducting the interview since Cooper only used it as a platform for insulting and parroting all the lies of the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to bully parents into unquestioningly sacrificing their children on the altar of profits. None of the vaccine-preventable diseases is as harmful as lifelong disability for hundreds of thousands.

  4. As a point of interest Dr. Gupta begins by saying: ‘ ..two of the patients, at least that we looked at, ourselves, extensively, the, the, the from this journal…..’ Does this mean that CNN has had access to the patient’s medical records? If so, is this legal and who passed them on to CNN?

  5. Andy Wakefield is a martyred hero.The vaccine program as it is currently existing and promoted is damaging the world’s children. I have been exploring vaccine safety for years, including reading Andy Wakefield’s book on this topic entitled “Callous Disregard”. Our children are being sacrificed to a criminal and abusive pharmaceutical industry with its incestuous ties to government bribed regulators. Its time to take them down…and down they will go!

  6. “First the ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”~Ghandi

    The fight is on and the WIN is not too far away now thanks to Wakefield and the scientists around the world who have confirmed his findings. Wakefield and all of those like him are the scientists and doctors who still embrace scientific integrity. Anderson Cooper, shame on you for terrible behavior in interrupting this important man’s words.

  7. The mainstream media appears to be able to treat people this way if they fail to support Big Pharma, and the powerful ConMed Establishment

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