British & Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

We previously published data from Japan showing a clear causal link between changes in the Japanese vaccination schedules and corresponding increases and decreases in rates of children having autistic conditions:- Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism. The UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation’s irresponsible and only answer to the Japanese data was it was “not UK data”.

Data from the UK’s General Practice Research Database shows that with each major change in the UK childhood vaccination programme the rates of childhood autism have increased significantly [Full Details Below].

And do vaccines cause autistic conditions?  If you read nothing else we strongly recommend you read this: PDF Download – Text of May 5th 2008 email from US HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News].  In it the US Health Resources Services Administration [HRSA] state to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson

We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

Despite all the lies and deceit by health official worldwide, the question “do vaccines cause autism” was answered after the Hannah  Poling story broke in the USA in February 2008 [see CHS article here].  Hannah developed an autistic condition after 9 vaccines administered the same day.  Under the media spotlight numerous US health officials and agencies conceded on broadcast US nationwide TV news from CBS and CNN. Full details with links to the original sources can be found in this CHS article: Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines. [Blue Text added 10 April 2011]

Data from the UK’s General Practice Research Database

[Click on graph to enlarge in new window]

The current UK rate of children with autistic conditions is 1 in 64 [or 157 per 10,000 children]: “Prevalence of autism-spectrum conditions: UK school-based population study” Baron-Cohen S, Scott FJ, Allison C, Williams J, Bolton P, Matthews FE and Brayne C (2009) British Journal of Psychiatry, 194: 500-509.

The rate in boys is 1 in 40.  Prior to 1988 which saw the first of several major changes to the UK childhood vaccination programmes the rate of childhood autism was running at between 1 and 4 in 10,000.  Childhood autism is also known as “typical” or “Kanner” autism.

In addition to vaccines being a biologically plausible cause of the worldwide increases in autistic conditions in children we have also seen legal cases in the USA confirming vaccines have caused autism in US children: AUTISM – US Court Decisions and Other Recent Developments – It’s Not Just MMR

The data presented here provides further evidence of the unscientific approach of medical researchers when publishing papers purporting to support the claim there is no association between vaccines and autism.

The graph above is adapted from a 2001 paper by Jick et al.  The authors claimed [emphasis added]:-

“... the data provide evidence that no correlation exists between the prevalence of MMR vaccination and the rapid increase in the risk of autism over time. The explanation for the marked increase in risk of the diagnosis of autism in the past decade remains uncertain. ….. The increase ….. could be due to …… environmental factors not yet identified.

“Mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine and the incidence of autism recorded by general practitioners: a time trend analysis” BMJ 2001;322:460-463 24 February.

The data shows something different and when correlated with major changes in the UK childhood vaccination programme shows what are the most likely “environmental factors not yet identified“.  With each major change to the UK’s childhood vaccination programme cases of childhood autism increased substantially.

The childhood autism risk increased three-fold for children born in 1988 and 1989 from the previous rate of between 1 and 4 in 10,000 to 12 in 10,000. 

The major change: the MMR vaccine was introduced in October 1988.  Routine administration was at around 15 months.

The childhood autism risk increased five-fold for children born in 1990 and 1991 to 20 in 10,000 from the pre 1988 rate of 1 to 4 in 10,000.

The major change: in May 1990 the accelerated DTP vaccine programme was introduced.  British babies were given the DTP vaccine substantially earlier at 2, 3 and 4 months instead of the previous 3, 5 and 10 months: [Persistence of antibody after accelerated immunisation with diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis vaccine: 1489 BMJ VOLUME 302 22 JUNE 1991]

The childhood autism risk increased nearly eight-fold for children born in 1993 to 29 in 10,000 from the pre 1988 rate of 1 to 4 in 10,000.

The major change: the Haemophilus Influenzae b vaccine was introduced in October 1992.  Routine administration was three doses at 2, 3 and 4  months.  [Routine Hib Vaccine: 438 BMJ VOLUME 305 22 AUGUST 1992, Hib immunisation catch up programme in North East Thames: R17 Communicable Disease Report Vol 4 Review Number 2 4 February 1994]

It appears it was only from 1993 that most infants were vaccinated at 2, 3 and 4 months with those born earlier being vaccinated at later ages in “catch-up campaigns”. This data suggests that to reduce the risk of autism from vaccines parents should delay the age at which their children are vaccinated.

One study shows that average vaccine coverage by November 1993 was 34% for 1989 births, 77% for 1990 births, 87% for 1991 births, and 89% for 1992 births: [“Haemophilus influenzae: the efficiency of reporting invasive disease in England and Wales” Communicable Disease Report R13 4:2 4 February 1994].

Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

Data from formal peer refereed medical papers show vaccines caused autism in Japanese children.  The number developing autism rose and fell in direct proportion to the number of children vaccinated each year: [click here for full details Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism]

[Click on graph to enlarge in new window]

[Below is same graph data normalised by annual % of children receiving MMR vaccination – and also showing the same correspondence as above graph.]

[Click on graph to enlarge in new window]

090610 Terada Graph Data - by % Births



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