Is Obama US Surgeon General Nominee Earnest Over Vaccines Causing Autism

Dr Sanjay Gupta has just been nominated as US Surgeon General by President Obama. Gupta has been open about the problem of vaccines causing autism. So Obama seems to mean business on this issue.

TV’s Gupta Chosen for US Surgeon General – By Ceci Connolly and Howard Kurtz – Washington Post Staff Writers  – Wednesday, January 7, 2009;
Pick for Surgeon General Brings Communication Skill

When Dr Gupta interviewed Hannah Poling’s father Dr John Poling MD he openly discusses the problem of vaccines causing autism to US children:-

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviews Dr. Jon Poling

And he was similarly open when interviewing Dr Julie Gerberding the Director of the US Centers for Diseases Control on the same issues:-

So what does this all mean?  We will have to wait and see.

Gupta’s credentials in other areas are open to question, such as his drug industry potential conflicts of interests over SSRI (antidepressants) and his enthusiasm for Gardasil vaccine.